I've got a seed pod - now what?

klyde(8)December 22, 2013

Hi all,

It's been ages since last I wrote...

I put my hoya's on my deck every summer, and I noticed that the wasps spent a lot of time on those that were in bloom. Now I've got a seed pod! I've no idea what to do with it. It's green and about 2 inches long.

I wish I could remember the name of the hoya that it is on too. Small, narrowish leaves about 3/4" long with no special coloration. The stems arch and the blooms are a dead ringer for Hoya bella. Anyway, the plants that were in bloom at that time were this, Hoya bella, Hoya lineararis, and one other small hoya that is much like the above except the leaves are small triangles and it blooms like bella too. Curious to know which one pollenated it...if it was linearis (not likely), that would be a hoot.

Anyway, your thoughts and comments would sure be appreciated. It looks like it has a ways to go for ripening, or whatever they heck they do...

Kelly in Victoria :)

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Kelly, check this out: http://vermonthoyascom.fatcow.com/learning-how-productions/working-with-hoya-seeds/. Very nice seed pod experience from a very good hoya educational site. Come back here and let us know how it goes. Good luck!

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Thanks, I will check it out in detail :)

Kelly in Victoria

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