Record snow and cold in Nebraska/Iowa

hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)October 10, 2009

It is now snowing here in Cedar Rapids. This is very unusual. If we get any accumulation on the grass it will be an all-time record earliest snow. My garden salvias are already dead from the overnight freeze. Tonight is forecast to be 10 degrees colder as temps dip down into the upper teens, breaking another record. As ridiculous as it is here, over in Omaha, Nebraska they have received an insane 6 inches of snow this morning. I've never heard of anything like this in early October.

UPDATE: My regular female hummer has not been seen this morning, but a juvie male just stopped to drink at the feeder. It is very strange to see a hummer at the feeder while snow is falling.

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Wow, thats sounds ridiculous. In looking ahead at our forecast not seeing anything close to that here in central Indy but farther north they could get some frosts. An overnight low near freezing and thats about it with highs in the upper 50s. But even that is unusual for here , we shouldnt be having these temps till the end of oct. Im wondering if this is going mean an early and long winter. Any way they are saying we will stay dry here thru thurs. But we did just have 3 and 1/2 inches of rain, good thing that wasnt snow , huh.

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eigdeh(z6 NJ)

Wow Hawkeye,

Seemed like during the middle of the summer we had similar experiences, but it now sounds like the hummers have gotten used to your place! I have not seen a hummer since September 3 or 4th. :c(

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We did have a frost advisory last night but doesnt appear theres any damage as my plants are still blooming and flowering. My last hummer to be sighted was on Oct 7. Untill there is a freeze here I will have hopes of a migrant stopping by.

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

We did not get as cold as forecast because clouds moved in, but we were still in the mid to upper 20s all night. Even covering the bird baths did not prevent a solid layer of ice from forming. I filled my feeder with fresh, room-temperature nectar first thing this morning so it did not have time to freeze. My juvie male showed up again several times for a nice drink. This is day four for him.

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