'Sikes Dwarf'

whaas_5a(5A SE WI)March 13, 2010

Can anyone tell me about this oakleaf hydrangea?

I was going to get a grouping of 3 and pair with golden shadows dogwood.

If sikes is questionable I can go with 'Alice' or 'Snow Queen' paried with Hosta.

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I have read that it stays compact, grows well in indirect sunlight and is hardy. As oakleafs go, make sure that it is not placed in a location where it can be in standing water because they will not like that. Make sure the dogwood will not cause competition for soil moisture and food.

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A very nice compact form. Very little difference between this and 'Pee Wee', although inflorescences on SD are supposed to be slightly larger.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Thanks...the local guy that was supposed to get 'Little Honey' is getting 'Sikes Dwarf' instead.

Seems like a good selection. I'll pair it with Golden Shadows Dogwood, Blue Shadow Fothergilla, Clethra Hummingbird and various perrenials.

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my SD's are maybe 8 years in my place and right now they are about 3 ft high at the most, but one has a spread of 8 feet, the other 6. They're in filtered morning sun under a hawthorn and afternoon shade located on the east side of the house. Fall foliage is typically a maroonish purple - or the other way around - if you can imagine that color. Both are heavy bloomers. I just did some thinning of the stems - first time they've been pruned or thinned. No experience with the Alice or Snow Queen other than the ones we have growing at the arboretum. Those SQ's are a lot taller- Maybe 5 feet. Removed the Alice's several years ago as they were not cosmetically desirable.


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That sounds like a great design whaas, how many of each shrub are you planting? I would love to see pics when you get done. I have three 'Pee Wee' hydrangeas and a couple of clethra. I loved 'Ruby Spice' so much, I went to buy another one, and it was mislabeled. It bloomed white, but such big blooms! I think now it may be 'Vanilla Spice', which I can highly recommend.

Prairie Girl

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I have SD spreading to 4' here and I'm starting with a #1 plant.

Purpleleaf Sandcherry (pruned to a tree) and Stella Daylily are original to the 15 yr old bed. Shasta Daisy was put in two years ago. I'd replace them with a small mounded purple/blue flowering perennial. Golden Shadows Dogwood, Blue Shadow Fothergilla, Hummingbird Summersweet and Sikes Dwarf Hydrangea would be new this spring.

I just cut down a burning bush and variegated weigela from the area. I have Purplicious Speedwell that needs to be transplanted out of the area as well since they need more sun.

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This golden shadows in the link below? How do the leaves look by mid summer? And do you have any pictures of it taken in the fall to show the fall colors? TIA, Luis

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Shadows PIcture at Heronswood?

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Right now I am trying to determine which plant is better in groupings vs. single specimans.

The dogwood for example is best as a speciman. What about Fothergilla, Clethra and Oakleaf?

My new design has Oakleaf in a grouping...wonder if I should change Oakleaf to a speciman and group/repeat Fothergilla or Clethra?

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Interesting how you placed the blue foliage of the fothergilla between the gold variegated leaves and the purple-leaf sandcherry. I have no personal experience with fothergilla (or sadly, 'Golden Shadows) but 'Blue Shadow' is a very appealing looking plant. Oakleaf and dwarf fothergilla are both slow growing, but the oakleafs are possibly showier in flower. SD is supposedly showier than PW gardengal? My newly planted 'Pee Wee' oakleafs held their old, purplish foliage all winter long; I did not find that appealing. Clethra are slow to leaf out, I would personally keep that one as a specimen. It has great yellow fall foliage color. 'Rozanne' geraniums are what comes to my mind for the purple/blue flowered perennial. I was warned that the ones I planted in late summer may not make it, but I have several spring-planted plants that are huge, so get these in the ground early!

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Funny you mention Rozanne as I had that or Jolly Bee on the new design.

I still have over a month to tweak...I might keep the Clethra at one. I typically don't like plants that leaf out late...we have such a short growing season.

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Ah, a crab apple. (I have Prairie Fire in the front yard, Firebird is supposed to be excellent). I miss my purple leaf sand cherry. At my old house, a kid ran it over in the process of taking out my front porch, and it grew back from the stump! What a beautiful fragrance and flower. I know these get ripped out a lot, so here are a few kind words for it.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

I got the blue shadow fothergilla and sixteen candles summersweet in today.

Still waiting for the golden shadows dogwood and sikes dwarf hydrangea.

Things ended up a little tighter than expected. I can't seem to get a good width on the sikes dwarf.

Oakleaf isn't the most vigorous around here but I'm banking on a 3' width. Is that fairly accurate for zone 5 and a heavier soil?

I've read its gets up to 6' but I just can't see that happening in my area.

Nursery selling says 2-4' wide...hence my 3' prediction.

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