Can't Believe They're Still Around

donnalovesblueOctober 14, 2009

Surprisingly, some new guests obviously arrived yesterday since I noticed more at the feeders around 5pm. I have taken down a few feeders, but 5 or 6 remain. I'm putting about a cup in each feeder, maybe a little less. My one little male has moved on so it's now "just the girls"!

The weather has been pretty nasty for about two weeks and no sun in the forecast until Sat. or Sun., and our daytime temps will drop considerably, so I expect most of them will be leaving then.

How many of you still have them around?


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Hi donna

Good for you, I know you are taking good care of the hummers I sent you, ha ha. I have not had a hummer for a full week now and wouldnt want them here now as temps arent even getting out of the 40s and wont the rest of this week. They are saying we may get into the 60s next week but can you trust the weathermen, not lately. We havent had a freeze hard enough to kill my flowers though as some are still blooming. I still have a couple feeders out just in case, may leave them out for another week before giving it up. Now I will make room for posters who actually do have hummers.

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hawkeye_wx(z5 east-central IA)

I had one hummer at my feeder earlier this morning, the same hummer I thought had left a couple days ago. One thing is for sure... the steady stream of hummers(1+ new hummer arriving every day) ended about a week ago. Once the current hummer leaves for good that may be it for the year.

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I'm glad to hear some of you guys still have hummers. I hadn't seen any for three weeks until this afternoon when I got home from work. I was so surprised.
I assume she had been here for a while. After a quick sip at the one remaining feeder she flitted around all the blooms as if saying "Is this all for me!?" Made me smile.
My feeder will stay up for a few more weeks, just in case I get a hunger visitor.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I still have hummers here this morning, probably around 8 of them. I only have one feeder up out back and one out front, but I have lots of hummer plants. But a cool front is blowing through this morning, so I know the hummers will take off with it.

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Glad to hear you still have hummers, hope your festival went well. Cool front, what does that mean for you, upper 60s. I havent had a hummer for 9 days now and its not surprising as it hasnt been out of the 40s for a good while now , although we are anticipating a warmup next week with a high moving thru the area.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Hey Steve,

You might recall that I was born and raised in NW Indiana, Benton County. Yea, the cool front came through this morning and it is now 79°. . .don't laugh!

Actually, I was supposed to attend my nephew's wedding in Fowler, Indiana last Saturday. My hubby and I were going to drive up in our RV and stay at my parents' house on the Tippecanoe River. Then we were going to take our time and drive back home stopping at the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival. But due to health issues, I'm still here in south Texas scheduled to have my gallbladder removed next week at the Houston Medical Center.

In the meantime, I watching my cute little hummers!

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Well, the cold front moved in last night...high today at 57 and lows tonight around 43...we southerners think that's really cold!!! Quite a turnaround from our hot, humid and rainy weather over the past several weeks.

I suspected most of my hummers would be gone this morning and I was right, but still have 3 or 4 at the feeders...might be a few more. Guess the season is pretty near the end!

Rob, bet you were delighted to see one after 3 weeks...that's amazing!

Steve, with the anticipated warmup for your area, you just might be surprised with a new visitor!

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Yes Donna, I'm was so surprised and happy to see her. It just proves that us in the south need to keep up a feeder or two for a while longer.
I hope she will be here tomorrow. She is so skittish like she hasn't been close to people, but she knows what to do with a feeder, smile.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Well this morning I woke up to a very cool 61°, which is very cool for south Texas, and looked out and I still have one little hummer feeding off my back feeder. I haven't seen any out front though.

I generally keep a couple of feeders up through November. In 2004, when we got our snow, I had 2 BB, 1 male Rufous and 1 female RT that stayed here all winter. So I keep the feeders up for them since all the plants had died.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Steve, this year's Hummer/Bird Celebration was GREAT with a 49% increase of attendees over previous years. I had somewhere around 300 to maybe 350 people that came to my yard. I finally quit counting.

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Lt, sorry I couldn't make the HB celebration. I had to work both fri and sat that weekend, and was dissapointed. Good to hear it went well.

I had another female show up yesterday, now I have two. One skittish, the other one looks into my apartment through the sliding glass door, probably one of Nanaboo's pets. I put out another feeder!

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Wow!! Sounds like you had a great success at the festival. My brother had his gall bladder removed a few years ago it was in bad shape but they were still able to remove it thru his belly button.

61 , well we are waiting for such a warm sunny day so we can get the boat out on the lake for one more good day of fishing.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Well Thursday is the day for my surgery. IN the meantime, I'm still enjoying a few hummers hanging around!

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