They Didn't Even Say Goodbye!

patlovesdirt(8 NC)October 7, 2009

This summer we had more hummingbirds than I've ever seen in one place - certainly never so many before in our yard, gloriously zooming about, sitting in branches preening and napping, chattering away. Our weather cooled a bit and on Sunday there was a change in them, so subtle it can't be described, but I knew. On Monday, they were gone. How incredible and awesome that they all know when it's time to leave. We'll have many more warm - even hot - days here in NC before dreary winter sets in again, and I'll leave the feeders up with fresh food for any late travelers. See you guys next April. Hurry back! Safe journey...

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This is always a bitter-sweet time of the hummer season and any true hummer lover that happens to live in eastern half knows we will only have them 5 and 1/2 to 6mo if we are lucky and some will have them less. It may bring a tear to the eye , but we can be happy that we have helped them out while they were here with our feeders and plants. I had a migrant pass thru yesterday which appeared to be a young female and only used the flowers I have blooming not even looking at a feeder. So I will still leave a feeder out and I still have flowers blooming as so far the lows are only going down to about 40. Im just not convinced that I have seen my last visitor as yet.

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