fungus gnats and hydroculture?

smilla4January 18, 2009

I have a pretty bad fungus gnat problem in one of my plants (I must have overwatered badly). I was thinking of switching to hydroculture to get rid of them, some sort of passive system, either pot in a pot or wicking.

However at a local hydroculture/hydroponic shop I was told that this wouldn't solve the problem, that in fact it would be even more difficult to get rid of them, particularly if I used those clay pellets, hydroton I think they're called?

Have you guys found this to be the case? How do you avoid them? I do have a couple of small open aquariums with no filtration. I don't know if they can hide out in there as well (I stuck some Devil's Ivy in one of them - I don't know if it matters if they're emersed or not. It's not rooted in substrate or anything.

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I use spectracide immunox 3 in 1 to control them in my system. I spray liberally when I see them flying around. I think you have to saturate the medium to make sure any larva or whatever is killed. I spray any I see then saturate the medium around where they are flying.

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BT will kill fungus gnat larvae.

Sprinkle it on the plant.

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gnats suck and are hard to get rid of
Hydro wont help either, it wont make things worse unless your plants are unhealthy
The problem with these bugs is that most likely they show up in unhealthy plants, so you may want to check for dead or dying parts of your plant including roots and especially the base.
Use those sticky traps or other natural things I had pretty good result with cigarette tobacco soaked in a gallon of water misted and watered with it for about a week

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I use a canvas or mat from and PJ it is passive and easy. ck it out in the web. I had a super infestation but with help from kiss they are gone a do not come back. truly it is so cool just cut this mat and place it around the trunk of the plant, it has tiny holes. the gnat can't get through and get its head stuck and dies, so passive but if you have a bad one then read what to do small amount of PJ spread on the mat, follow directions, and they are gone.
maintenance with mat and cedar oil is soo cool and sooo nice to smell in the plant room. help me

Here is a link that might be useful: kisshydroponics

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What a nice commercial, did you get paid for it?????? Or is it your website and your just promoting yourself?????????

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