When do I plant toms. and strawberries?

waterlight85February 19, 2007

Hello there! My husband and I are trying to grow tomatos and strawberries from seed this year (something neither of us has ever done, and neither of us is very familiar with gardening in this climate yet...or gardening at all for that matter, lol). I'd like to start the seeds off indoors then move them outside later, but we don't have any southern exposure or sunny windows, so don't want the seeds to germinate too early as we fear they'll either freeze outside in the sunlight, or die inside in the darker warmth, neither of which is a very good option, lol. We don't have enough space for grow lights, except for 1 little flourescent lamp in the living room that seemed to work well for forced tulips in conjunction with a little sunlight, but there's not quite enough space to try that with the toms. or straws. I'm guessing. So in what month should we plant the seeds? Thanks! I appreciate any helps or suggestions.

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Hello! Welcome to the climate! I'm not sure if you saw my post but I'm also new to the area and trying to find out about similar things! Life is different up here lol. If you find out anything be sure to let us know and I hope someone answers your question!

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

It doesn't sound to me like you have a good setup for starting these seeds indoors. Lots of light is the key, and without a sunny window or a pretty good light setup, the seedlings will be thin and weak. An open east or west window can provide a lot of light and may be worth a try. If you keep the room temperature down, it will help counteract the low light and make for a better seedling. Although it is fun to start your own, you can buy starts very cheaply. I don't know about strawberries, but here in Sandpoint, I would start tomato seeds around May 1 and transplant out in early June. You could start earlier if you are using a Wall-O-Water or similar freeze protection.

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