could let this go until July, but . . .

digit(ID/WA)March 5, 2012

. . . instead of a full 12 months without a single forum post, I suggest that visitors here go over to the Rocky Mountain Gardening forum (click).

No one has posted here in over 7 months.

I am sorry Moulman, you may have started this forum but you haven't been here in over a year. If you are leading, you are leading us away. Moulman's last post.

Perhaps, sometime in the future there will be a community of Idaho gardeners who will make use of this GW forum. Until then, I bet there is a visitor every day or so. Go talk with the Rocky Mountain gardeners! There are friendly people from Canada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and yes, even Idaho.


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.....and that forum is no longer available :(

Living in mountains of Central Idaho

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vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b) mistake. I clicked on the link in your message not realizing it was to an old post. When I did, it took me to a page that said "this forum is no longer available". However I can get to the Rocky Mountain page via the link at top of page

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