moulman(6a)March 3, 2011

I started this forum like six years ago, and I gotta say that I am really dissappointed with the numbers of Idaho folks using this forum.

I have been too busy with major life altering things in the interim......... but I am back now...

and ready to talk Idaho gardening!

Call your friends, email all the others and tell them to get their Vandal (or Bronco) butts over here and let's get it rolling!

In the mean-time, here in Moscow we are still looking at 12" of snow ( melting, but slowly) but I am planning the garden now.......

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pepper and onion seeds started. still have 3 feet of snow on my deck. starting tomatoes next week, greenhouse is ready.

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No snow in Weiser, but the ground is still pretty soppy. I am anxious for it to dry out a bit. Working on putting in some raised beds between rain storms. We got the frames for a couple done today, it will be a while before I can put dirt in. I want to get the raspberry starts in ASAP, most everything else will have to wait.

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mettzfamilygarden(6 sw idaho)

The weather this year has been so weird, it's hard to get things started. Hubby bought me portable greenhouse this year to start my stuff in until it can go outside... as well as overwinter a few things that can't stay outside all winter.

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Yes the weather has been very strange this year, lots of rain the last month here, snow 20 miles north. It makes me wonder what the summer will be like, wish we could save some of the rain for July and August. We will need it then.
We need to re-seed our backyard but the ground is too wet to work up. I am afraid that by the time we can get it seeded, we will have 90 degree weather and no rain!

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