Dwarf Hydrangea selection - opinions on my candidates?

wynswrld98(z7 WA)March 18, 2013

I'm looking for a dwarf hydrangea to replace a large one that has taken over. I'm hoping to keep it 3' or less (ideally 2'). I'm not well versed in hydrangeas. Here are ones I'm considering:

Let's Dance Starlight
Color Fantasy
Proven Winners Cityline Paris

Any opinions?


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I have seen some Paris shrubs and they look very nice. Locally, the cityline and Let's Dance Series have arbitrarily shown up at small or medium plant nurseries but not all the varieties showed up. Pia, being an older variety has shown up at nurseries more reliably.

The Let's Dance Series Starlight is a rebloomer. Fantasy, Paris and Pia do not rebloom so they produce the flower buds in July-August and then bloom the following Spring. Do not expect to get the purple seen on some pictures of Fantasy; that actually depends on your soil.

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2' is a nice wish but in our climate, 3-4' is more likely for any of these and some perhaps even larger. I am disinclined to want to prune to maintain a specific size and you do run the risk of reducing or eliminating a bloom cycle if you do.

"reblooming" hydrangeas are a bit of a misnomer in our area as well.......any hydrangea here has a rather lengthy bloom season but unless greenhouse grown, don't expect to see flowers before midJuly. Just not warm enough to encourage earlier blooming. But they will stay in bloom well into fall and often even after several light frosts.

All that said, 'Pia' (aka Pink Elf) is a reliable plant in this area with a heavy bloom and seldom gets much above 3'x3'. And holds its pink color well regardless of soil conditions.

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