so happy!

mchad21March 14, 2009

For the first time in years I'm happy about my hydrangeas. The last few years the gardeners have been cutting all the wood off...I'm talking down to the ground. And every year I get big beautiful foliage...and no blooms. Well, after I learned that they bloom on old wood, I fired the gardener and started taking care of the yard myself. So last fall I cut down to the fattest bud, and they all are coming in great now.

Looking forward to a good year with them, and a lot of blooms.

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It is always a good thing to discuss plans with the crew chief and then with the gardening crew directly. That way, people who did not understand within the crew will hopefully get a second chance to ask. But, alas, that is not a guarantee of success. Many times there will be problems cutting the wrong type of plant to the ground or there will be cases of adding lawn fertilizer into areas where there are flowering shrubs growing. To get it right, one sometimes has to do it himself or herself, mchad21. Wishing you lots of blooms.


PS - No, I do not use a lawn service either. I could have used a lawn service last year as I was way too busy. And this year, I am even busier but now the two lawn mowers have conked out too so I purchase a manual until the units are fixed. But, I have too many places where the plants might suffer so, no, I do not use them. Right now, I am waiting for my niece and nephew to get a little older so they can learn and help under my constant supervision.

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nycynthias(Z6 NY)

YAY, mystery solved! I know exactly what you went through mchad21. I have had nothing but drama with "gardeners" (some involving hydrangeas also) so I finally fired mine last year too and got a lawn-mowing-only service. My husband doesn't seem to understand why in the world I want to be out there doing it myself, since he's of the mindset that you pay people to do manual labor, LOL, but I love love love digging in the dirt and it's so rewarding when you see those blooms that *you* are responsible for! Can't wait for spring to really spring!

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