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janicez5(z5)April 3, 2010

I am in central Idaho, south of the Snake River. About 8 inches ppt per year. Soil tending to alkaline, with hardpan layer down about a foot. Some salinity.

Have been contemplating yard area.

I am wondering about Sandberg bluegrass for yard area ( a few clumps of it doing well in my outback). Height obviously would not be a problem (I would be surprised to learn that there is a shorter western native grass) Sure, it looks like it wouldn't survive much traffic, but there won't be much traffic. I visualize it mixed with some other grass-- would it hold its own against sheep fescue under minimal irrigation ??

Q.: Is anyone growing Sandberg bluegrass (Poa secunda/ Poa sandbergii) as a lawn/yard grass ??...... Your thoughts/experience with xeriscape yard in similar conditions are appreciated.

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lantanascape(z6 Idaho)

Hi Janice - Sandberg bluegrass does just fine with just about any seeded species around here. Your only problem might be cheatgrass, so if you have that under control, you should be good. If you haven't already, you might take a look at the native garden at the Boise BLM office on Development Ave (it's on the east side of the parking lot). The Idaho Botanical Garden also has some demo-plots for water-wise grasses. Not sure if they have Sandberg's, but I do know that they have things like Buffalo grass growing there, as well as the fire wise garden.

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