crocus not blooming?

alinitap(6)April 9, 2011

hello everyone, I'm brand new to this site and just about as new to gardening... anyway, I planted some crocus bulbs last fall- got them at Costco, the really big and nice ones. Anyway, they have now plenty of leaves, but I can't see any blooms. I thought crocusses were supposed to bloom really early and it's April and yet nothing... any ideas?- I live in Nampa. Thanks!

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alinitap, I am not sure why your crocus isn't blooming, I haven't put in any crocus for many years.
I did want to post a comment just to let you know there is someone else in Idaho looking at this site. There doesn't seem to be many of us participating so you might pose your question in another forum.
Good luck, hopefully the rain will slow down here soon and we can get some work done in the garden!!!!

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luvidaho- thanks for the posting, I will try and ask other people. And by the way, I love Idaho too! :)

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mettzfamilygarden(6 sw idaho)

Mine Bloomed, but they have been in the ground for years. Maybe it will take another cycle, and yours will bloom next year. I know some plants don't bloom the first year they are put in. Don't give up on them. I didn't see this earlier, was out of town for the weekend. Nampa here too.

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