Suggestions for climbing yellow rose

luvidaho_2010(5/6)April 8, 2011


I want to plant a yellow climbing rose on my new pergola but am unsure what one would be best for our climate here in the Treasure Valley.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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I would just buy whatever they sell at the nursery, they should only carry plants that thrive here, otherwise people would return the plants... I bought some a couple years ago from Walmart, only one did not take, and I returned it and got another one for free. My climbing roses are still doing fine to this day...

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Ask Anju at Edwards. She is very knowledgeable. I don't have any yellow climbers - sorry. Also, bear in mind cane-hardy vs cold-hardy.

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I did buy a couple from a nursery thinking that they wouldn't have roses that were not hardy here. When I looked them up on the internet I found that one is hardy to zone 5, the other one only to zone 7. I am no too happy about that but had already planted them so I am going to see what happens. Fortunately I didn't pay a huge price for them so won't be out much if they don't survive.
Is Edwards a nursery in Boise? I haven't heard about cane-hardy vs cold-hardy. Guess I need to do more research.
Thank you

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