Attracting hummers and other birds Caldwell?

danakc(z6 SW ID)May 31, 2009

I have lived in Caldwell for 9 years. I have been trying to attract hummingbirds. All my plants are hummer friendly, I have 3 feeders. Only on occasion do I see one.

Also what can I do to attract birds other than finches and red wing black birds. I love the goldfinch and red winged black birds, but there must be other birds around?

Any ideas?


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Cats are a problem where I live. I don't know what to do about them.

Water seems to attract birds. I had an irrigation valve that leaked and filled up the plastic pipe that went straight down to the valve. That seemed to be a favorite drinking place for small birds. It was always full of cold, clear water and it was out in the yard so the birds felt safe coming to drink from it; no sneak attacks from cats.

I'm sorry to say that I fixed the leak. I may try to replicate that little feature in the back yard. I also have large basins full of water for the ducks in my back yard. All sorts of critters come to drink from that. Ducks, crows, doves, etc.

I keep some chicken scratch available for the ducks. I get quite a few regulars coming to eat that. Ducks, doves, and small birds.

I built a large birdhouse and mounted it on a post, intended for flickers, but I've had everything from hawks to grackles nest in that. I should make a whole bunch more birdhouses for my acre place. I've only got three.

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I put up a big red umbrella,planted plants they love and had a bunch of fancy feeders & nothing.Bought red petunia baskets 1 came switched too the cheap basic feeders and now I have tons all over the feeders and my plants and they are not shy to me or my 2 Russel Terriers either :)

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