First time growing plants, confused about what stage I'm at

shadoh6January 21, 2010

I started some tomatillo and jalapeno plants about two and half months ago. I'd say that they are smaller than they should be (the tomatillos are about 8 inches tall, while the tallest jalapeno is about 6 inches tall) since I don't have the right kind of lights to be growing indoors in the winter, with no temperature control. I started giving them 1/4 strength 10-5-14 GH Maxigro once a week after the first month.

The tomatillos were transplanted into 6in pots about two weeks ago, and I transplanted the jalapenos about a week ago. From then on I've been gradually increasing the strength of the nutrients to about 1/2 strength, and have been watering them every 2-3 days, with a plain water feeding once a week. I've noticed some flowers developing, but they are rather droopy.

As far as light is concerned, I gave them 24 hours of light for the first month, and then switched to 18 hours of light

from then on.

What should I do at this point? Start mixing in some of the 5-15-14 Maxibloom that I have? How far behind are they?

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What kind of light are you providing them?

The plants are large enough you should provide them with full strength solution. In fact, the diluted solution may be hindering their growth. I can't speak to tomatillos, but peppers seem to like a lower nitrogen to phosphorus ratio. Incorporating the maxibloom will probably help this.

You mentioned transplanting them into 6" pots. are they in soil or in a hydroponic system? I'm a little confused by what I read. However, those plants sound kind of small for that age.

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I'm sure they're too small, but considering that I'm growing them in a closet on a limited budget, and for the first time, I'm pretty pleased with myself :)

I had some old aquarium lights hanging around, but they are short length T8's. The first set I used was two 36" 20W, then as they got bigger I used two 48"(?) ~ 30ish watts. I moved them up to a light that usually used for photography yesterday (6 50W CFLs, 300W total, used as a soft fill light). I should have a proper 600W MH by the end of the month though.

As for medium, they've been in a 50/50 perlite/coir mix since germination. Due to budget restraints, I'm using a simple feed-to-waste system, but I have a EC meter coming in so then I can move forward with constructing a basic flood drain system by next month.

What ratio should I use for the gro/bloom mix?

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