Herbacide applicator

rmbradMay 2, 2007

I have been looking for a herbicide applicator. The one I am looking for has a place to put the herbicide, and a wick or sponge on the end of a pole. I use to see these advertised, and think they called them a "weed cane". These are made for spot treating weeds. You wipe the wick or sponge on the individual weed, and it kills just that weed.

Do any of you recall seeing these, and if so what did they call them, who made them, or where can I get one?

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

They are called wick applicators. You can usually find them at farm supply stores or garden centers. If that doesn't work, search online.

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Made two last year out of pvc pipe. Found the instructions on the Nature Conservancy website. You can also use cotton gloves over rubber gloves, dip your GLOVED hands in herbicide, rub on targeted species. Make sure you wear proper protective clothing! and wash up after.

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deewee, Are you still around? Please come back and post on the Idaho Gardening board. I would love to see it get up and going again. Snice I need so much help with a brand new yard. Also have those nasty weeds. UGH

AND I am a mosaic person. :)


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