hvx on komodo dragon? and a general hvx question

weekendweeder(5A NY)May 19, 2012

Brought this KD home today and in the early evening light (as opposed to the shade and bright afternoon sun at the nursery), I got a better look at the leaves on Komodo Dragon. I'm hesitant to put it into the ground. Is it worth testing for HVX?

Spots on the top left and splotches on the right:

More spots:

My other [rather silly] question is I noticed something that looks like HVX in a neighbor's garden. Our beds abut and I have a hosta planted a few feet away from her hosta (just one in the bed looks suspicious). Is there a danger of the roots entangling and getting infected that way?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Think the damage on Komodo Dragon is weather realated not HVX. As far as HVX being transmitted from a plant in a joint bed, if someone is digging in the bed, and cuts the roots of a diseased and healthy plant, the disease can be transmitted, or by somebody weed-whacking, or cutting scapes etc. It does not spread just by touching, it is by sap that the disease is passed on.

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I defer to those who know better than I, but if it were mine I would be inclined to think freeze and frost damage with the veins in pic 2 damaged by water freezing in them, and the tiny spots in pic 1 by particles of ice as in frost.

I hope I am learning, so I now open myself up to being corrected, which doesn't bother me a bit.


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