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moulman(6a)June 29, 2006

First post! Hello from Moscow!

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Hi from the Orofino area. I used to live in Moscow and miss all my gardening friends there. Fortunately, I'm not too far away. I usually hang out at the Hypertufa forum since I've been messing with concrete for the past year or so. Happy July 4th.

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seneca_s(6-7 Idaho)

Hi, from Kooskia! Nice to see people close by.

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veggiecanner(Id 5/6)

Hello from Preist River, We are not so far from you.
Happy gardening!

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veggiecanner, we are neighbors! And DD lives in Moscow. I'm reclaiming my garden space after several years of neglect(job went full time, 1/4 acre garden went bye-bye). The quackgrass and the gophers are making a valiant effort to keep control, but I think we are winning...

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Greetings from Idaho Falls! I have been in Alaska for 2 weeks and am now getting used to the heat of the summer again! Amazing how things have taken off since I left!

This forum will be great- just got to give folk time to find us. I have been fighting bindweed on my property since we moved in one year ago. Finally hired a girl to help with the weeding and am winning the battle!

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Hello! I`m usually over on the hummmingbird forum.I wanted to say hello from Twin Falls.!!

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Hello to all. I just discovered this new forum, thanks to Sharon2. I'm up in the mountains above Pocatello in Soda Springs. It is amazing to me the different zones that are in Idaho. I can get away with planting zone 4 perennials and even sneak in a zone 5 in a very protected place but the trees have to be zone 3.

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What kind of perennials are you growing? Or I should say flowers or veggies? I really didnt have time to start a big garden , we just moved into the area . Most of my plants are for my hummingbirds, Red baby velvet , petunia verbena and a few more, also ?I`m trying to propagate a few plants. I asked a neighbor for some cuttings from a orange trumpret vine , she looked at me weird but gave to me. I dont have tons of money to go out and buy tons of plants. Ill see how this plant propagation thing works out for me . I`m curious to here what others are growing.

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jordjikat(z7 California)

Does anyone know what zone Elk City is in? We recently bought property there and plan to retire in a few years. I looked on the zoning map and just can't believe it's considered z6, having spent quite a bit of time there. I'm very excited to start propagating plants I already have to move up there with.

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firemansmom(SW Idaho)

Hummerlover I am a hummerlover too. I just moved here also and was sooooo happy when I put out my first feeder and within a few hours they were there. I also can't afford too many plants and my place has very little in landscaping and needs alot. I found that Lowe's and HD had put some of their 1 gal plants on clearance last week for $2.50 and I got some and am going back today to get some more if they still have them. I got Pieris, boxleaf euonymus, holly and best of all red tip photinia, I think the photinia was not on clearance.
I threw some veggie seeds out and covered them with dirt when I first moved here and am already reaping the rewards of zucs, and will enjoy watermelon soon.


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Can I call you Fire? I`m glad to here from someone that loves hummingbirds. I will try to check out the stores that you mentioned. My husband does`nt really understand the need for plants period. He is`nt into gardening like I am. We moved here from Colorado It`s very different here and had to leave some things behind.Family was one issue also thought Idaho had a cheaper cost of living. I have family that I don`t really want to claim, close to you.Do you know what kind of hummers are coming to visit you? Oregon Is beautiful, so you miss it?So are alot of your plants for hummers?I also have about 20 squirrels that think It`s okay to eat my flowers,so I made a peace offering with bird seed hoping that they will leave my plants and new starts alone period. Iknow It`s probably a little off topic but Im ready to hurt them.They are also scaring the hummers. They dont bother nextdoor because of dogs and she thinks they are cute.I hope to hear back from you sorry for complaining , I hope to have a huge garden next year minus the furry friends,are you also trying to propegate plants too? Excited to hear back from you.

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firemansmom(SW Idaho)

Yep I am trying to propegate because I can't afford to buy much and all I can afford are little plants that will take years to grow, I am going to have to get some shade trees soon though its hotter then heck here.
No I don't know what kind of hummers they are, I also had 2 barn swallows build a nest under my garage and the babies just left the nest yestarday, I had to help them alittle bit they were on the ground and I was afraid my cats would get them, one of them flew good the other one stayed in a tree for awhile then flew.
I am so glad I can have plants here and no deer to eat them, that was a problem in Oregon, they loved roses and tulips.

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Something I saw in one of my books was to put a little orange flavoring in the hummer food they seem to really like it. I think I have the anna hummers that is what I have been told anyway.

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Betz11(8 UT)

I have been told not to add any flavoring to the hummingbird nectur because it can make them very sick, even kill them. And never add coloring to attract them, they will find the food without it.

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firemansmom(SW Idaho)

Idahodaisy I think mine are anna hummers also, they just won't hold still long enough for me to get a good look. If I remember right the Anna's hang around sometimes in the winter and nest twice a year.
Jordjikat, where is Elk city? I had hoped to retire when I moved here also but my house in Oregon has not sold yet so I had to get a job. What are you going to propegate?

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There is way to much confusion whether or not if the red food coloring is good for them or not. I think I have Annas . Also some of them look like dalmations. I`m still trying to figure out what kind they are.Deer are so beautiful but I suppose they could be just as pesty as squirrels.Maybe some trees will go on sale soon so you can get some shade!How is your garden doing?I have some cuttings from a beautiful pink trumpet vine. I hope it survives because my furry friends think it`s a nice place to dig in. I think Elk City is in the middle of the state not sure.

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jordjikat(z7 California)

Firemansmom and Hummerlover, sorry I haven't been back here for a while. Too much to do outside.
Elk City is SE of Grangeville at the end of HWY 14. I'm probably going to try propagating a little of everything, roses,perrenials,lilies,some vines, whatever I already have here. I'm not really sure what's going to grow there. I've done a little resaerch about plants down to Z5 so I think I'll still have a nice garden.

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