green shade trees

Nelda88June 29, 2011

We are planning to plant a shade tree, but I don't know which kind is best for this area. I heard that Locust was good, but they are one of the last to get green in the spring. We had a globe willow, which I loved, but it split down the middle and we had to remove it before it fell on our house. The thing I did like about the willow, is that it greened up early and was one of the last to loose it's leaves. It also had small leaves that could be mowed with the lawn mower.

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you can plant almost anything. i like globe willow and corkscrew willow.

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I have a flowering hawthorn that I love! It has pretty pink blooms early then small leaves later. The down side is it is slow growing so it wouldn't provide shade for awhile.
I like locust but again are slow growing.
I took 2 corkscrew willows out this spring. They were very messy trees, always dropping twigs and branches. Lots of dead stuff in the trees. I would hesitate to put them in the yard again.

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