whole bunch of hydrangea IDs (help?)

Jenny(5a NY)April 12, 2014

Hi! I've got a boat-load of hydrangea photos taken last summer, that a friend is trying to get identified for a garden walk in a few months. Unfortunately, many of them are sans flowers... (the botanist in me cringes!)... but we'd be happy with any input, to help us get the possibilities narrowed down. There are 15 images, total. I am posting this both on the Hydrangea board and the "Name that plant!" board.

Thanks for your help!!


photo 1: (have been advised this looks like Annabelle)

photo 2:

photo 3:

photo 4:

photo 5:

photo 6:

photo 7:

photo 8:

photo 9:

photo 10:

photo 11:

photo 12:

photo 13:

photo 14:

photo 15:

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3 looks like Annabelle too. 4 resembles Annabelle except the stems are very upright and not flopping; if not a cousin of Annebelle then consider H. paniculata Limelight (look for panicle form blooms if it is a paniculata). 6's panicle shaped blooms reminds of paniculatas (Limelight again). 12 looks like an oakleaf hydrangea. But I am not good doing this so let's see what others say.

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9 is a Mac and 12 an oakleaf

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Jenny(5a NY)

Thanks so much, Luis and Rusty! That helps a great deal!

Anybody have any clues on photos 5 & 7? They seem pretty unique, but I haven't any idea of what either could be, other than noting some of the inflorescences on 7 have an elongated panicle shape.


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