ph adjustments in plant nutrients

ganjamanJanuary 22, 2009

iv been told to adjust my ph before adding the nutrients but iv also been told to do it afta adding the nutrients can anyone tell me the best way of doing this as my head is in bits, lol...

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Always adjust your pH after adding nutrients.

If you adjust before, the nutrients will just alter the pH again...

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thanks very much very appreciated i was doin it the right way thanks for followin up on my question best to b sure

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hello ime usein canna terra flores in rockwool n perlite in pots should i use aqua flores for better results or is it ok to use flores as it is says on the bottle for use in soil and pots and the idiot in the shop says its ok but i dont trust him ime gettin gd results but any feed back really appreciated p.s ime manually feedin as i only grow small amounts not hydro just waitin to get a hydro system small e nuff lol so if u could give me any info b 4 i open the bottle lol

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Given your username I'm reluctant to offer advice.

I don't personally like the Canna nutrients, so I don't recommend using them at all. But some people do like them so they'll say different.

Beyond that, I'd be far more willing to help if you wrote legibly and gave me at least some reasonable doubt as to what you were growing.

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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

There is a chemist who posts on this site. Here's a link to his Web site:

The question to ask is, "How, chemically, do I maintain pH". He has a trick.

I do it another way, which involves building your own nutrient, but he has a method that automatically buffers the nutrient solution.

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Any proper hydroponic nutrient solution will be buffered to some extent. Some of the high grade nutrients use several "layers" of buffering to help keep the solution within the target range.

Though it looks like one company has come out with a true reactive solution that releases the equivalent of pH up and down whenever the solution strays too far from target, as well as the standard buffering agents. It'll be interesting to see how that actually works.

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How do I adjust the pH in rice-hydroponics, by adding what salt? I want to maintain at pH 5.0. Presently I am using the ready-made nutrient solution from stealth hydro (Grow and Micro).

Please help me!


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Why the commercial about your products, and you didn't even bother to address the question that was asked in the first place? And the wording in your statement is obvious that it's from a retailer.

I'm not sure what you mean by "rice hydroponics." Do you mean you are growing rice, or using rice hulls for a growing medium? Either way adjusting the pH would be the same. By using pH adjusters. Various hydroponic nutrient manufactures make them, but they all do the same thing. Raise or lower your pH as needed regardless what nutrients your using. If your pH is to high, just add a little pH down at a time until your pH is in range. If your pH is to low, then add a little pH up until your pH is in range.

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