LED Growspot Light Flashing

Arp92kJanuary 28, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I've been running a small hydroponic garden (Emily's Garden) for about 9 months now, using a CFL and a Growspot 12w blue light as my light sources.

Things have been going pretty well, but just last week my Growspot 12w started flashing a few minutes after I turned it on. I tried switching the fixture, but the light flashed in the new fixture as well.

I'm thinking the light might be about to burn out, but that seems crazy given that it has a heatsink on the base and that I blow a fan on it for most of the day, dissipating any heat that remains.

Generally I leave the light on about 15 hours a day- 12 hours with the fan and 3 without.

Anyone have other suggestions about what this might be? It's a fairly expensive light (for its size) and is supposed to last something like 20,000 hours, so it's a bit of a disappointment if this is just the end of its life.



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I'm sorry arp that's just what it is. Your bulb has gotten air in it from the cooling down from the fan to repeatly heating it back up once you turn the fan off. If it's under warrenty send it back. Just tell them it's bad. Excuse me by why do you need such an expensive light two shop lights will do just as well. One cool white and the other kitchen. Really it's just hype for the average grower. Spend less and grow more.

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