Aeroponic Strawberries

SoyouseeJanuary 31, 2011

Was not trying to Hijack a post, new to this and intend to not only follow rules but good manners also.

We have tried to learn on the web and books but find little info on aeroponic strawberries.

So here is my attempt at long term plant care.

Each tube is lose at bottom for occasional root trimming. All "nuts" run back to reservoir in the 5 minute off time and delivered at 70 deg. each time. The 1/4" black feeder tubes get hot, but "nuts" pass through so quickly they don't absorb heat. May have to add a "nuts"cooler this Hot Texas summer. Both sides feed at same time. All plants on both sides have One square foot of room. The leaves are Allstar at 1 week. Ozark Beauties on the X side are 1 day.

The X side is my first design and built straight side to have a comparison of growth. We will tag mix the plants up at a month to be accurate. Love the single tube on the X side that cradles the "nuts" feeder line. At under 7'

one person can move it around easily. 12 plant system.

Still waiting on brother-in-law the electrician to get wiring cleaned up.

Everything, pumps,PVC,reservoir,DRT-1 timer complete system just over $300.00. The complete 32 unit system with 700 gph pump $400.00 Picked up radio at pawn shop for $25.00, entertain the plants! All PVC we got at a plumbing supply outlet for less than 1/2 the Home Depot price.

All theory and much to learn. All comments Welcome

"Doing 10 with no chance of Parole"

Here is a link that might be useful: strawberries

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This is a carryover from the other thread, mentioned you wanted to start a new subject. You said that cost wasn't a issue for you, but at the same time said that you weren't sure how to get the materials for cheaper. I wasn't considering building the same exact setup you have in my estimate. In fact it would me much different in design.

I can get 10 foot lengths of ADS tubing (even rain gutter downspouts) for about $8 ea. At a 1 foot spacing, that's just over 4 (10 foot pieces) for 32 plants. The design is pretty much the same as a regular NFT setup. However I would design it as a flood and drain. But if you wanted an aerpoponc or drip it's easily adaptable to any of them.

The same 500 GPH pump I have been using for other systems will be able to handle a flood and drain, or drip system that I speak of (and cost $45). 8, 10 foot length tubes (down spouts or, ASD tubing) $80 max. That will hold well over 70 plants (even at 12 inch spacing). And $10 for a 32 gallon trash can for a reservoir. Baskets can bought for a good price in bulk. I bought 100 3 inch baskets for about $25 plus tax. Two cubic feet of coco chips as a growing medium cost about $10, and will be enough to fill at about 200 3 inch baskets.

Bottom line
Pump $45
8, 10 foot pieces of tubing (will hold about 80 plants, even at 12 inch spacing) $70
2, 32 gallon trash cans for a reservoir (64 gallons total). $20 (lets be on the safe side)
3 inch baskets, $25
growing medium $10

That comes out to $170, but with that you will still have miscellaneous end caps for the tubes, and flexible tubing for inlet and drain lines. As well as "T" and elbow connectors. And 2x4's or 1x2's can easily be used to build a A-frame supports for tubing that holds the plants.

All in all, depending on the exact prices in your local area, as well as exact design, you should be able to build it for about $300. And increasing the number of tubes that hold the plants will increase the productivity (amount of plants), and not need to add another pump if done right.

I also have a design that uses square tubing, that will hold more plants (double) for about the same price, and space of that (depending on your spacing, and materials).

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