Do I count?

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)July 5, 2006

LOL! I'm 18-19 miles from the ID border over here in Rosalia, WA (33 mi. south of Spokane). Maybe we need a Palouse gardening forum...hmmm :D From my understanding the area known as the 'Palouse' covers the Idaho Panhandle.


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yes i suppose, until you get your palouse forum.

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Yeah, the guys running this ivillage don't understand the geography. Having an Idaho forum is great, except the S. Idaho gardeners have more in common with the gardeners in the other high desert states than they do with the panhandle gardeners - and the panhandlers (heheh) have more in common with eastern Wa and W. Montana as far as climate goes.

Oh well, let's get on with it!

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Gee thanks!


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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

I wouldn't call the whole panhandle part of the Palouse. Maybe the middle of it. We far northern panhandlers ARE more like northwestern Montana. Our climate is Seattle crossed with the Rockies. But what the heck, I don't see why you shouldn't be an honorary Idahoan. I'm an honorary Washingtonian when I go to work in Spokane, and stay at my boss's house (on the Palouse, natch) even though I live near Sandpoint, definitely in the Rockies.

Thanks to GardenWeb for this forum!


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So are people from southern Idaho included?I`m sure there are a few things that southern and northern Idaho or washington can grow, or atleast talk about whatever zone people may live in.

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

Everybody in Idaho is included, and maybe an honorary Eastern Washingtonian or two. I think we'll find that questions asked by Northerners will get their most relevant answers from other Northerners, ditto Southern answers for Southerners, but we can all join in. You never know who will give you an answer to a question you haven't even thought of yet, in somebody else's post.

I just flew to California this last weekend, with layovers in Boise both ways, and was very impressed by the difference. Here, many of the meadows and fields are still green, and as always, there are thick forests everywhere. Boise was dry and brown, with few trees of any kind except where they get supplemental water. You couldn't pay me to live in the high desert, or any desert, but hey, different strokes for different folks! Our ultra-short season with cold mountain nights is something lots of gardeners couldn't stand.

Vive la difference!


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I agree with Jeanne..... Vera post away

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crista(Sunset 13)

I'm from Arizona, but the gardening bug has hit my brother, who lives in Spokane. He works long hours so I'm his idea source for when he gets weekend time to plant, and I have time to fly up there and help out. Having only gardened in AZ I am at a loss as to what and when to plant in your climate and was glad to find this forum!

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My parents passed away, so I have a house in Utah (where I am supposed to be living) and a house in Boise (my parents, well I guess mine for now) that MUST have great yards. I can't believe the difference in the two areas. It has been an amazingly educational experience. I started out with the same plan for both yards. Plants that thrive in UT. die in ID. and vice versa. I have UT pretty much handled, but Boise is an on going learning experience. Many plants in Boise are already coming back from last summer, the same plants are pure annuals in Salt Lake. I enjoy learning what is working and not working in areas that are supposed to be similar. Oh, hi, I'm new to this forum and can't wait to hear what and how everything is growing here.

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I'm in Eastern Oregon (outside of Baker City) at an elevation of 4100 ft. I hang out here hoping for two things 1. cold climate insight from the Northern folks, and 2. Great nursury or other shopping ideas in the Boise/Caldwell area. Got any?


Here is a link that might be useful: More about us if you care to look

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I am between Nampa and Caldwell. What exactly are you looking for in the way of shopping? There are several good nurserys in the area. One is on Highway 55 (Karcher Rd.) between Farmway and 10th. The other is on Middleton close to Orchard. They have started growing the Heritage verities like Purple Cherokee Tomatoes.

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Between Nampa and Caldwell would be great! Any plant type stuff, the more variety the better. I travel more to Portland than Idaho, only because I don't know Idaho even though my brother in law lives there so we do go that way sometimes. What are the names of the two you mentioned? I will mapquest them. Thank you very much! I need a fix.

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The one is Canyon Lake Gardens, 15641 Karcher Rd. Caldwell, and the one is Stephens Nursery, 325 N. Middleton R. Nampa.

I am not affliated with either of these businesses, just know they are nice.

Now I need to find someone that likes to cook. I do a lot of smoked meats and cheese, and would really like to find some people that might be interested in exchangeing recipies. I like really good Southern food, and am spacifically looking for a recipie for a Peach and sweet onion sauce. I injected a ham with a store baught sauce, and smoked it for Easter. It was really good.


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boisenoise(5/6 West)

I have to agree that North & South Idaho don't have a lot in common, but I didn't see any other regional forums that had a lot in common with Boise, either, so I'm glad to see an Idaho forum. Laura, my favorite plant-shopping spot here in Boise is Edwards' Greenhouse, off Hill Road. They get some great perennials in, but sometimes they sell out of specific kinds in a hurry . . . the more unusual they are, of course, the more that is true! Idatah, if you get a chance, you should go over to the Idaho Botanical Garden . . . that would be an easy way to get some ideas as to what grows well here.

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I buy most of my plants at Greenhurst Nursery, SE of Nampa on Happy Valley Road just south of Greenhurst. Just love that place! They have wonderful varieties of plants and take very good care of them.

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Wow! I am a transplanted Eastern Washingtonian (Chewelah to Baltimore Maryland). Will be there for month of september, can hardly wait to see flowers at Spokane County Fair. Would you mind a lurker who occasionally might be able to post something of interest to you. Thanks for listening. Steve in Baltimore County.

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This year seemed cold and even now it gets down to 50, my tomatoes are not doing very good and my squash are not growing very much at all, My Cucumbers have died, My eggplant aren't growing to much or are my peppers, do you have any ideas what I can do to help them grow, I have straw around them I was hoping that would help them. Thanks

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Tell me about your soil. Also, have you added any amendments? My tomatoes are bushes, but it's because I added so much compost. The melons are going crazy.

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