bettybloomsJanuary 28, 2013

I am interested in growing hydroponic strawberries outdoors in early spring and then possibly in a greenhouse later in the fall. What grow system would you use for this? I would be growing day neutral strawberries to get a crop the first year. Does anybody know anybody that does this? I know there are some places in Florida but don't know anybody in the northern states like Indiana that grow them this way. Any help would be appreciated.

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I believe you'll need to supplement your daylight with artificial lights (at least in the fall) as you won't be getting enough light for them to grow to fruition.

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In response to your message: Yes I grew outside hydroponically. I used a new system that was an vertical pvc pipe but did not have great results because the crowns of the plant got too wet. I am planning making some modifications for this year by adding couplers to each of the holes. I also have a facebook page and a website for additional info. Search Tri-City Hydroponic Gardeners and you will see the newspaper article from last years fair and both of those sites.

The strawberry tube has 100 holes for plants that hangs in the same space as one planted in the ground. The flower tube has 50 holes. The system I chose to use is drip system that is on a timer and runs for 15 minutes several times a day (depends on the heat and nutrient requirements of the plant). I chose pearlite for the medium and was pretty pleased with it. You need to pick a pump that has a head height of at least 2 feet higher then the top of the pvc tube so you get enough flow and the bigger the reservoir the better. I like to use a 50 gal barrel.

I would be happy to answer any other questions you have or let you bounce ideas off. If you message me again, leave your e-mail address and I will send you several pictures and the sites where I did research from.

Good luck! Tracy

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Check with Chester at hrdrostacker. he might have a few farms in your state. your climate is like mine. I'm from new york state. you wont gain much by growing strawberries in a greenhouse. I grow strawberries hydroponically outside from April 15th to the last week in September.

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Thanks "Rayh4852" for reply and sharing link. It's really informative for hydroponic grower and it can be helpful to grow strawberries hydroponically.

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