Rose of Sharon doesn't blossom

greasyregsJuly 25, 2007

I've got three Rose of Sharon trees in my back yard in Boise. They are approximately three years old. Two of the Sharon's bloom every summer. The other has lots of buds but they never break out. Any suggestions? Or do I have a budding but non-blooming tree?

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mercyful35(z6 ID)

Is it shaded more than the others?
Does it show any nutrient defficiciency such as yellowing leaves with green veins(iron defficiency)?
Have you fed it? Could be it isn't getting enough phosphorus for it to bloom.
Have you checked it for aphids. Several people I know here in Boise have said they have never seen aphids on there Rose of Sharon until this year. They have been extreamly bad.
Let us know a little more info and hopefully we can figure it out.
Dan Cook
Master Gardener

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