Need some help.

mla2ofusJuly 19, 2006

I need to add more white to my garden beds. I've tried Campanula white clips but I have trouble with them getting so floppy when they bloom that I'd like to replace them with something a little stronger. Anyone have a suggestion for something that is about 12-18" tall that won't take over my garden?

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Betz11(8 UT)

How about Shasta Daisy's, German Statis, Babies Breath, White Yarrow, Bleeding Heart, White Phlox, Nicotiana. Depending on what time of the year you want them to bloom.....In early spring you could have white daffodils and snowflakes. For a ground cover, you might try Cerastium (snow in summer), the flowers are white and the leaves are a nice, soft grey-green.

Hope this helps.


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Liatris is a zone 3-9. Grows I think 18-to 35inches.I think it`s beautiful. White Hollyhock gets very tall.

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I'm sorry I haven't posted an answer sooner. I googled german statis and really liked the looks of it. I also like liatris so I'll try some of it too. I googled white flowers before I posted this and there is one more I'm going to add, White Armeria. I'm also going to get some white petunia seeds and start those next year to tuck in here and there. Thanks for the information.

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sharons2(z3-4 ID)

You can check my white flower thread in the Perennial Forum. I want to add more white to my gardens too. I have two kinds of shasta daisies that I got from some neighbors (I suspect one is really an ox-eye daisy), candytuft, snowdrops, and white cosmos that, I think, will cover the season pretty well.

My daughter just broke her retainer, so I may need to head up to Idaho Falls again next week. If so, I might be able to drop off a start of something for you. The ox-eye daisies(?) spread a lot by seed, and so does my feverfew. My snow in summer spreads a lot by roots, too; so you may not want any of those. I have Campanula 'Blue Clips', and it doesn't seem to flop, so I'm surprised that your 'White Clips' do.


Here is a link that might be useful: Long-Blooming White-Flowered Perennials

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Sorry I'm so late answering this. I was on vacation. Thanks for posting your thread on white perennials. I have white narcissas and decided to add white candy tuft and then go with white cosmos and white petunias. I decided to add a few more annuals to my beds so I'd have more color longer.

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

There is a white campanula, glomerata, that doesn't get as tall as persicifolia and doesn't tend to flop. It's called clustered bellflower and consists of clusters of white bells, a ball of them on the top and more all along the stem. Comes in a version about 8" tall and one about 20" tall. I don't know its zone hardiness, though. I love it here. I grew it from seed.


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