Common Evening Primrose

dave_k_gwOctober 16, 2011

Last fall I planted Common Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) by seeding directly in the garden. The seed was collected along a railroad track locally. Those plants grew well in the worst kind of subsoil. This Primrose is supposed to be a biennial, but mine bloomed the first year. Others seeds started in a small pot grew well but did not bloom. Those have been transplanted into the garden lately.

I've seen Rubythroats nectar from this species in northern Wisconsin. I didn't notice any hummers at my Primrose, but I like this tough plant. The flowers are bright clear yellow with a nectar spur. It requires only part to full sun to bloom well over a long period. It seems the plant is larger in sun.

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It's moderatly invasive/rampant here and I pull dozens every year when doing spring clean-up in my flowerbeds. I always leave the main clump for the bright, cheerful flowers but I yank any that stray far from it. It was here when I moved to this house; I didn't plant it and, based on what I've seen it do, I likely wouldn't. There are lots of others that are much better behaved. I've never seen hummers on or near them but I've only just started planting things that attract them the past 2-3 years.

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The Evening Primrose is laughing at our heat and drought.

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My evening primroses just sprouted. I hope they do well.

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They feed from evening primroses early in the morning so watch for them.

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My Primrose (Oenothera biennis) are now taller than me, and starting to bloom. They're in very poor, dry soil. I have some winter sown Silene regia right next to them which are struggling to stay alive. Those are only about the size of a quarter! The Japanese Beetles love the Primrose, unfortunately. I've been spraying.

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The tall plant in the back is the Primrose. It flowered well for several weeks. It's still going but I've cut it back quite a bit. I saw one visit from a Rubythroat.

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