supporting/tying up climbing hydrangea

lalalaApril 10, 2010


I have a climbing hydrangea that is supposed to be climbing up a stone wall, but doesn't want to stick. So I'm going to install something to support it. A man at the garden center suggested using masonry screws with metal wire running between them. He said to use something like old rubber tubing to protect the plant at the spots where we tie the plant to it. Does that sound right? Would something like a nylon strap work better since it won't rust?


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How big is the plant? From what I've read, they often need some time to build up their base before they really start climbing. You might consider just pruning shoots that are heading in the opposite direction in order to direct its growth.

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Rather than using wire, use a high test fishing line. Just as strong and durable and won't heat up to burn the plant in hotter weather. And doesn't rust. Use whatever tie material you use to train any other plants or vines - I prefer that stretchy garden tape but even old pantyhose work, or twine, etc. Make sure there is some play or slack in the tie. That's why I like the stretchy stuff. Rubber tubing may be overkill :-) Too bulky and heavy.

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thanks! the plant is pretty big--several years old. It was neglected before we moved in to our house, and had flopped over, so we're trying to re-train it.

Fishing line sounds good...will try that!

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I have the same issue - moved into to a house with a very well established but neglected climbing hydrangea. There are two or three against a wall and the main branches are as thick as my arm however, the entire thing seems to have grow away from the house and is not clinging.

I noticed that there are a lot of shoots very low that wre growing on the wall but the main stems/branches seem to have been growing away and it is top heavy, falling away from the wall.

Should I retrain it by using wire etc. or should I cut it back dramatically and then provide is something some support?


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Just wanted to follow up and tell you what we ended up doing today. We installed eye hooks into the mortar between the stones (this is a stone wall in the yard, not a wall of the house) and threaded aluminum wire through to make two parallel horizontal lines of wire about 6-8 feet long. I was initially going to use the fishing line but had some trouble finding fishing line...hope the wire is ok. We left a little slack in the wire. Then we used green velcro plant tie tape to tie the hydrangea to the wires. The branches are generally not touching the wire with any tension--the tape gets all the stress--so I don't think the wire will cut into anything. The main branches are maybe two inches thick, so not nearly as large as yours, bdot. We managed to get the large branches quite stably attached, and almost all of the small branches as well. Pruned off just a few that were growing straight out. Let's hope the new growth starts attaching itself now that it has a chance.

Thanks for the advice.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

sounds like you did a bang up job. just as food for thought, i was going to suggest plastic melon netting. alot stronger than you might think; you could drape it over the wall and secure it however (on the ground w staples or w your masonry screws.) weave in the stems to get them started; they'll take over from there, then you can cut it where and whenever it suits you.

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