moulman(6a)August 11, 2006

Let's get some talk goin'!

If there's no traffic, there gonna yank this forum!

OK, I picked some Fireworks toms today, and my zuchinni is threatening my dog!

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Great! Are you to the point of giving 'midnight gifts' of zucchini yet? lol I picked my first tomato yesterday, a stupice.YUM! My eight ball zucchini are coming on strong now and also a new type of zucchini I tried this year. It is Italiano Largo Hybrid and I really like it. It doesn't get bigger around, it just gets longer. I picked one that was about 14 to 16 inches long and it was only a couple inches around. Now more zucchini that has to be grated or stuffed to be used.

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jomama3(North Idaho)

I made stuffed Zukes last week and my husband was so happy. I stuff with meat and cheese's. yummy ! I"ve been picking tomatoes for two weeks now. Not sure what kind they are (starts from my neighbor) and lots of sweet 100's that don't even make it into the house!!! my peppers are coming on strong , there should be some jalapino poppers in our future too !
My Phlox bed is intoxicating ! Phlox are my fav. flower


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