My Little Girls Are Gone!

donnalovesblueOctober 26, 2009

Got my hankie out and had to shed a few tears today! Both were still here on Sat., but no sign of them yesterday or today, so I'm pretty certain they've moved on. I will leave 2 feeders up for any stragglers who might come my way.

Rob, if you're reading this, as I mentioned in my other post, be on the lookout for my angels. God bless my last little visitors, and have a safe trip!


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It's so hard when they leave. Talk about mixed emotions. Go, you need to. Stay, I'll miss you if you go. Sad time of the year. I'm sure Rob will take great care of your girls.


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It looks as if mine are gone too. Oh well, now I can get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then it is only a few weeks until the little jewels return.

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I've been out of town for almost a week. I expected my pottetd plants to be devastated going that long without water. But it must have rained, they were ok and still blooming.

A cold front is blowing through, but also a nice surprise. Just now I saw a female at one of the feeders. Donna, I think it's one of yours. She zipped in, took a quick sip at a feeder and was gone. She obviously has been snacking here while I was gone.

I'll be up early tomorrow to see if she brought any sisters with her.

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New years eve reminds me that it's only sixty days until I have to get my feeders out. March 1. Maybe I should get them out of storage tonight and run them through the dish washer! LOL

Hurry up spring!!

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