Ruby Throat Hummer

missouribobOctober 3, 2012

I about made myself sick the other day when I opened my garage door backed out whent to the store came back and found a male Ruby Throat on my garage floor. He was already gone.

He must of flown in without my seeing him, I was only gone 20 minutes or so and it about broke my heart.

I keep 3 feeders full all thje time and they are my favorite spring - summer - fall bird.

I have rescued about 5 hummers when they find their way into my garage and back porch but this is the 1st one I lost.

They are the most amazing bird and I always look forward to April 19 (They arrive like clockwork).

My Dad got me interested in hummers and birds in general and I do all I can to help them, however, losing this guy really hurt.

I know I am going to watch more closely from now on.

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Sorry about your hummer. I don't think it was your fault. He probably was sick when he flew into your garage. I had one in my garage for several hours one day. My husband was finally able to retrieve him and the juvenile hunmmer revived and flew away.

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zoozue(9 Lakeland)

A reminder about you folks with garage door openers. The RED handle (by-pass handle) that hangs down tends to attract hummers into our garages. They can get into all kinds of trouble and die on impact of any solid surface. So please don't leave garage doors open when you know there are hummers about or cover the red handle on your garage door opener... It might help.

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