Trouble in paradise...

leafwatcher(zone 5)May 8, 2012

Went behind the garage today and noticed my Kiwi Full Monty had some leaves down :( I walk over and 5 petioles had apparently been bitten down about 3 inches above the ground, Most were still attached, but ruined... So I cut them off.

One leaf had a missing piece the size of a book of matches off the end.

It happened this afternoon because the plant was fine earlier today. I know I have a baby rabbit in the back yard, but I have my fence sealed up well enough I don't see many adult ones...

It only hit one eye, but didn't eat every stem would think if it didn't like the first taste, the second thru fifth wouldn't be any better.

the live trap is set ......

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thats awful, get him!

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I actually just saw the neighborhoods most determined cat back in the yard, he is a heck of a hunter, he even has markings like a big cat, never seen one quite like him.

I have a squirrel house 15 foot up one tree, I have caught him twice up there waiting for his chance... he is no slacker..

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