Can anyone identify this mystery plant in my garden?

Mama_OtterSeptember 3, 2012

It's been a strange year for my medicine garden attempts. Most of the seeds that I intentionally sowed did not even sprout, but some strange (to me) plants and flowers appeared without any help from me! Did my homework and was able to identify a few that most people call "weeds", but so far none of my plant friends know what this one is.

Description: Very fast-growing; it is now 4ft tall. The main stem is almost 1 inch in diameter at the base, and is fleshy not woody. No signs of flowering. Leaves are "feathery" and have a fresh herbal scent when crushed. Tastes sort of like a lettuce. High moisture content.

Any ideas?

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Wow, I come over here to this forum about once a month. More or less, by accident. Rocky Mountain Gardening is kind of quiet but Idaho Gardening just isn't happening.

I am sorry that I took so long in checking and giving an answer. Okay, how about:

Eupatorium capillifolium

There is a link to google images below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Eupatorium capillifolium

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