Cats, Hummers, and flower choices

hemnancy(z8 PNW)October 9, 2009

We had cats in my childhood, and what turned me against them was pulling hummers out of their mouths. There were massive orange trumpet flower vines on the neighbor's shed, and apparently the cats must have climbed onto the roof.

I'm trying to grow some flowers for hummers but I'm concerned about the low growing red flowers like the Silenes, Aquilegia formosa, etc. since I have 2 cats foisted on me by my DD.:-( If I plant them will I put my hummers in danger?

Are there some flowers tall enough that hummers can feed safely? Arrangements of plants to exclude cats? I put in an 8' tall trellis for runner beans with the red flowers and the hummers loved it this summer, but I'd like to have more flowers for them. I also bought a Lonicera heckrotti 'Gold Flame' that will be on a trellis and hopefully safe for the hummers. Some of the hollyhocks get 6-8' tall, perhaps they would be a good thing to plant.

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I would never put plants in my yard that were shorter than a cat could jump-if I had cats in my yard. I do not think I would even try to feed Hummers if I had ANY cats in the yard.

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