Hydrangea tree!

fay-93(6)April 10, 2009

I was given a hydrangea tree! It is bare root and is in a bucket of water now, I see very little if any growth. Can you give me some advice as to where I should plant it, does it need pruned, how much sun/shade does it need, and how tall do they normally get? Is there anything else I need to know, in order to have a healthy hydrangea tree? Thanks so much! Fay

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It requires the same conditions as a shrubby hydrangea - organic, moisture retentive soil that is on the acidic side. Hydrangea trees are typically paniculatas which are quite sun tolerant so at least half day sun is suggested.

Tree-form hydrangeas are simply shrubs that have been trained to a single stalk. They are rarely grafted. The stalk/trunk does not really elongate much so the height it is now is about as tall as it will get. The topgrowth can and often does extend quite a bit so you may need to prune to keep this in check and to encourage the development of strong stems that will support the heavy blossoms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info on Hydrangea paniculata

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