Leaf Curl

cliver mcguiverJanuary 14, 2014

I have grown 4 crops of tomatoes in my basement, with satisfying fruit. I have used different systems each time. Now I am growing 4 tomatoes in a NTF system with a good flow. Every time I grow here I get leaf curl down, and the leaves will become like leather, the lower ones.

I am wondering if there is enough co2 in my basement. Not enough carbon to finish the leaf. So the Question is; if I build a co2 scrubber how do I release the co2 later. with out the use of acid? strange question eh....

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That plant doesn't look bad at all. Can you post pics of the leaves that turn leathery? It could be blight or some other tomato disease.

Basements naturally have more CO2, because it is heavier than air and falls. If you have a gas water heater or furnace down there, it will be making CO2 as well. Plus you and any other animal in your house exhales it with every breath.

Professional CO2 generators are simply a flame of natural gas or propane in a metal box. If you can find a portable propane heater that uses the small canisters of fuel, it's the same thing for about 1/10th of the price. You can use just the pilot light and it will burn a few days on one canister. Hang it over a plant to see if it makes a difference.

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cliver mcguiver

It is dangerous to allow exhaust from gas fired appliance in to the home. It contains a lot of harsh chemicals. I am a gas fitter for a living and have tested a lot of equipment and although the level of co is low if the appliance is fired correctly, it exists. There is a lot of heavy metals in gas after burning...
I wanted to figure out a way to charge a co2 scrubber and then release the content, for fun...

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cliver mcguiver

I have been using co2 blocks to add co2 in to the grow area and I am having success with the leaf curl. I think the problem was that the plants where growing so fast they ran out of co2 and not able to grow right. I am also opening the door at night to cool the crop and closing when the light is on...

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