Hummingbirds in the Rain

julysunOctober 9, 2011

Have wondered how HBs deal with rain, well today in Houston/Baytown we are having a soaking, 1 1/2 inches at my house so far. I was standing looking out at my feeder and a nearby Pecan tree where the Hummer perches on guard. No Bird around, but, as I stood there one popped up on my feeder for a long sip. She then flew deeper into the pecan foliage to perch I suppose. Anyway, this bird feeds in the rain, and she looks pretty dry for having been exposed for three hours.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

It's pouring here too. DH moved one of the feeders a few feet to its winter site, partially protected by the carport overhang should they choose to dine out of the rain. But so far I've only seem them on the smaller feeder exposed to the weather :) And going into a dogwood that is still fully leafed out when finished instead of the usual places at the tips of a viburnum.

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Hummers love rain.
Whenever we get rain here in SoCal our hummingbird starts rolling around on leaves in the rose bush. Rolls on a set of leaves then hops to the next set... etc. Then sits in the yucca preening.

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