Hydrangea Hedge

djsawApril 22, 2010

I have 238 ft along my back yard that I need a hedge for. I want something that grows a maximum height of 8 ft because I don't want to be pruning all of the time. I have 3/4 of an acre and it is almost completely shaded and it will stay that way. The back fence gets about 4-5 hours of morning sun and that is about it. My house faces SW and I live in zone 8.

My problem is that I keep getting mixed information on hydrangea care. Some say partial sun, some say completely shaded, others say they need shade but can't be planted under a tree. Am I supposed to build a tent over it or something. I am so confused my head hurts.

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It all depends on the type of hydrangea you use. For example, one that likes to be in full sun is Limelight and it makes a really pretty hedge. I would consider the Annabell for a hedge in your situation as it would do best in that kind of shade. Plant them in a zigzag pattern so that they support each other. You also wouldn't have to winter protect Annabells. All hydrangeas will benefit from some sun, morning or afternoon, to flower. I'm sure someone else will come along who can give you more suggestions. Best of luck!

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Thanks for the insight melaroma! I would have never thought to plant them in a zigzag. I was wondering though how wide should I make the flower bed?

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To better help you, your zone or area of the country is important. As Melaroma said a Annabelle sounds perfect for your situation. The only problem is they flop when flowering, expecially after anykind of rain. They are a Smooth Hydrangea. This year they also came out with two new Smooth Hydrangeas called the Incrediball and Invincibelle. They claim that these new two varaties will not flop. The Incrediball gets huge 12" white blooms and the Incredibelle gets 10" Pink Blooms. They both bloom on new wood and very reliable bloomers.

Macrophylla Hydrangeas also sound ideal for this situation. But in zone 6 or lower they are prone to have blooming problems from Early Fall or Late Spring frost. Along with bad winters will due damage. Although have no worries if you are in a zone 6 or lower thay make Macrophylla that now bloom on new and old wood. The best series in my opinion are the Forever & Ever, Endless Summer, or Let's Dance Hydrangeas. The only real advantage in my opinion over Macrophylla over Smooth Hydrangeas is that they bloom for quite some time longer.

Also remember any new Hydrangea will require extra watering for 2 years and during droughts. Although the payoff is great! Good Luck!

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I am sorry I missed the 1st time where you stated Zone 8. You can plant any macrophylla that you desire! Lucky You!

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Thank you hydrangeasnohio. I had to look up macrophylla because I didn't know what it was. Very pretty. I was hoping I could do pink or blue. I don't really care if it flops I just really don't want to look at my neighbors crap that they piled up against the chain link fence plus I really love hydrangeas.

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This link/thread might be helpful

Here is a link that might be useful: limelight hedge thread

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With Macrophylla Hydrangeas they are pink or blue depending on the PH of the soil. Acidic soil= Pink, Alkaline soil= Blue. You can change the soil to make them which ever color you want!

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you could do limelight in the back and the macs in the front for a better screen....

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Do you think limelights would work given the little amount of sun I have in the back? There are about 12 trees along the back fence in my neighbors yard that I cannot cut down.

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4-5 hours is less than they would like but I have two that get much less light and bloon but not as heavily as the sunlight ones.....

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