Salad pods don't reach the water.

richdelmoJanuary 17, 2010

I just planted some salad greens in my Aero setup but I'm confused about the pod size. The bottom of the plastic pods does not reach the water which is filled to proper level. Last year I planted tomatoes and they had long pods, opposed to the shorter pod size the greens are in. Any ideas?

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Well there is aeroponics and then there is areroponics, and there is even pseudo-areoponics. Some all-in-one-system obviously have the nutrient stock in the growing area. Actually the reservoir is also the growing bed or area.

If you like you may call that a hybrid DWC/Aeroponic system. Anyway, I suspect "rich_manure's" system to actually be such kind of setup.

@ rich_manure: Depending on if you have net pots with expanded clay, or some other media, - the roots should get enough humidity with the spraying or misting, to grow longer until they eventually reach the actual nutrient level.
You may insure this with shorter cycles of spraying, to be on the safe side.

In case you are using rockwool as media, be sure the sides of the cubes are wrapped with foil, otherwise roots tend to have more lateral growth.

PS: the roots of lettuce seedlings may indeed take somewhat longer to grow as long as the ones of some tomato seedlings.

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Unfortunately one can't do any spelling corrections/editing here. It obviously should always say AERO... ;-) What I meant is that there are different kinds of setups that are called aero or aeroponics.

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It's the Aerogarden sytstem, here is a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: aero

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This link explains the product.

Here is a link that might be useful: aero2

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I think I might have figured it out. There are 3 models of the aerogarden. There is the 7 pot system that incorporates the aeroponic method and then the 6 and 3 pot systems which use the DWC method. My guess is you have the DWC system. When you ordered the refill kit, you might have received the aeroponic plugs instead of the DWC plugs. Hope that helps.

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Think you got it urbangardenerfarmer, the seed I have were a gift I received last year that contained 7 pods. I have the 6 pod system and didn't realize there was a difference, thanks.

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