Planting in 10 gallon container and then in ground?

caribbeancupcakeApril 29, 2012


I am still trying to grow a zone six garden in zone 10.

I have had good results with tomatoes using Tom's 'container in a container" method. I am contemplating permanently planting mophead hydrangeas which I am importing into 10 gallon containers and then submerging them in my planter which I had built to line my patio surrounded with topsoil then mulched.The planter backs up to a wall of boulders which supports the driveway and is poured concrete sixty feet by 30 inches in my entrance garden. It gets about 4 hours of sun a day.I am just not giving up hydrangeas. I have had enough encouragement from my potted hydrangeas to try this I put 7 gallon pots in large containers and then I can control color and moisture. Any advice or thoughts from hydrangea gardeners would be very appreciated.

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Only the obvious... monitor the soil pH & moisture in a potted environment and choose a location that is not windy. I have seen hydrangeas in the Caribbean and discussed the subject with some people in the University of Puerto Rico. They reported successfully growing hortensias (their name for hydrangeas) in the ground, year around. As a result of the limited amount of dormancy, you may want to try planting some rebloomers as your growing season (and blooming season) will be longer than ours.

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