'Blue Heaven'....Do you grow this Hydrangea?

gardenlady48(z5 IL)April 15, 2008

Just needing some feed back on how this hydrangea performed for you, especially if you live in zone 5.Here in central Illinois I am ready to compost my Nikko Blues, and go for the Blue Heaven, since it blooms on new wood. I would love to hear from you. Thanks

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Sorry, but have never heard of it. It is not found on the Dave's Garden list of Hydrangea cultivars, nor is it listed in any current publication about Hydrangeas.
Possibly a clone or renaming of an existing remontant cultivar, such as 'Endless Summer', 'Penny Mac', 'Decatur Blue', 'Oak Hill', etc.
Who has it for sale, Local nursery or mail-order? If mail-order, I would be wary of any performance claims.
If the listing nursery has a return address in Bloomington, IL or Lawrenceburg, IN, you would be well advised to shop elsewhere! In any case, when ordering from a MO Nursery, check them out first at Dave's GardenWatchDog. MHO

Here is a link that might be useful: Dave's GardenWatchDog

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can't comment on performance as i don't grow it but it's listed as one of the "forever and ever" series for northern gardeners at the link below.
available through one of the box-store garden centers.

Here is a link that might be useful: blue heaven hydrangea

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I bought "Blue Heaven" at a local Wal-Mart in Dayton, Ohio. It is my first hydrangea ever and I was very lucky. The blooms have been gigantic and beautiful. Hopefully it will make it through the winter and perform well next year.

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I just picked up a big 'Blue Heaven' from the local nursery. I have a spot picked out for it right next to my Endless Summer hydrangea. Can't wait to see how this variety does compared to E.S. which doesn't seem to bloom a whole lot for me. :>(

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gardenlady48(z5 IL)

matt...I purchased a BH hydrangea last summer. I didn't cover it up because I didn't think it was necessary. It's coming back very slowly compared to my ES. I was told it was probably due to the late summer when I put it in the ground.....Oh well. I did buy 2 more and I am gonna try growing them in pots to control the intense blue color....This year I didn't put any protection on my NB and it has blooms all over!! Go figure...I sure can't...But I just love these plants in the garden. Good luck with your BH!

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Lowes is loaded with them here--HD seems to favor the ES-do not know how they will do but will try one,,,,

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I looked at them in Lowes today and ended up buying the Forever & ever Together instead because I liked the idea that it changes color as the season wears on its supposed to change from blue to burgandy. I also bought a red glowing embers because the price made it worth trying. I went home and checked out the web sight for the forever &ever hydrangeas and decided I need to go back and get the Blue Heaven as well. The web sight says the flower get up to 12 ichs across and the ones at Lowes had a nice intence blue color much darker blue than the two endless summers I have bought. They also have a new red out as part of the forever and ever series but none where in bloom so I think I,ll wait on that.

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