Mother's Day hostas

josephines123 z5 ON CanadaMay 13, 2014

It's not very often one can celebrate Mother's Day on three different days, but I did! Not only did I get 'Sparkler' last Thursday, then a beautiful Thai dinner on Sunday, yesterday my youngest took me to Ego's Nursery and we picked out 'Pandora's Box' and 'Remember Me'. Very lucky me.

I'll never forget seeing Colleen's RE last year. That picture did it for me. I had seen it earlier at Hosta Fever but seeing a more mature hosta like Coll's made it a must-have. Thanks, Coll!

Here are a couple of my MD gifts for you to enjoy. Thanks for looking, folks!

Pandora's Box - what a cutie...there is a gentle rain falling and I can hardly step out onto the deck it's so filled with more hostas! ...some of which are getting used to the outdoors.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Please feel free to showcase your Pandora's Box and Remember Me if you feel so inclined. It's always exciting to see mature specimens.

'Remember Me' was named in memory of Sandy DeBoer, Walters Gardens supervisor of hosta production, who died of breast cancer in 2001. If you would like to know more about the story behind this hosta, please open the link provided.

Here is the beautiful "memorial" hosta called Remember Me. RM is a sport of the eternally beautiful 'June'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta sales helps to support breast cancer research

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Gesila(MI Z5)

You sure did get a nice sized Remember Me. Your Remember Me has already faded a little bit, it's Spring Color as it emerges is beautiful. I can see my small 2 eyed one from 25 feet away!

We have a small Thai restaurant here in our community that people will drive miles to eat at.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! You, indeed, are very lucky!


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Ludi _PA_7a

Ohhhhh Jo ! How blessed you are. âÂÂ¥

Being able to share moments with those we love is one of Life's most precious gifts.

Hosta are the second. :p

But in all seriousness, I'm glad to hear you were celebrated properly, as a Mother. I wish I lived closer to mine, but Philly is where the job was, so I had to leave the nest. :)

No matter, I still manage to spoil her even from a far. It's a shame she doesn't love hostas, or I could skimp on the expensive jewelry and send her divisions.

When I share my long winded stories of garden escapades she laughs, and says "I'm so glad it brings you Joy".

::drifts off in thought::

Anywho, I will reciprocate your enthusiasm for Pandora's Box and share mine as well. Being a white center, it landed in my collection pretty early. Pic taken fresh this past weekend.

Hopefully I will be able to stay in touch better this season, but it's hard to make promises when we don't know what tomorrow holds, but I will try my best. :)



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bkay2000(8a TX)

Nice hosta.

Happy Mother's day, two days late.


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Y'know, Jo...I recall seeing Colleen's RM and thinking that it was the largest and nicest one I'd seen.

Happy Mother's Day, and congratulations on your haul there : )

(The one thing I truly miss about Southern California are some great restaurants. I'd about kill for a good Thai place out here, nine years and no luck yet!)

Don B.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Remember Me caught my eye in 2008, not so much for the name and purpose, but I could see it across the whole nursery. Breathtaking. I love just about any June Sport.

Then a year later I got breast cancer, so now the name and purpose is special for me, not just the color and shape of the leaves. The centers get lighter as the Summer goes along, but they have never turned completely white for me like some of the photos at the HL.


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Hm. Maybe BABKA has the biggest RM I've ever seen! Wow, so nice, Babka. Good work!

Don B.

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

Nice plants you got for MD, Jo. And I LOVE Thai food....mmmmmm! babka, that RM is incredible. My stepmother fought breast cancer for a long time before she lost the battle, and my mother is a survivor. Last October I participated in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It was an amazing experience! I walked 39.3 miles over a weekend. So glad you are a survivor.

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Josephine Now you need to get Cameo for beside Pandora's Box. It is cute too They are reverse colors and look great together. I got my Remember Me for my friend Barb and she got to see it last year before she also passed away from breast cancer. Very nice plant too

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Babka, you picture is convincing. And I did not realize it was a June sport. My appreciation for June went up several notches this year.

Great thread, and a happy one. Love and remembrance, I have plants which are chosen for the special people in my life, or special occasions. My DH gave me a green basket from a local florist, of course no hosta, but I'll plant it out with some hosta later in the year.

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Jo, that is a very nice looking Remember Me!

I am very sad to report that I lost my mature Remember Me this winter. It was situated at the corner of a raised bed in a bottomless hypertufa pot. Always came through the winters beautifully but not this time. I had many other losses, but this one is the toughest. I do have another one in another bed that is doing well, though. When it spreads out I'll add it's pic

RIP, Remember Me

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Thank you, All for the wishes and for sharing your pics too!

Ludi! It's so great to have you back!!! We've all missed you. Your PB is really adorable and showing lots of colour! Glad you spoil your Mom. :-)

Gesila, I wholeheartedly agree, it sure is an eye-catcher!

Bk, thank you :-)

Don, thanks...I'm getting a great start already on the season....accumulating some more! Btw, Your garden is already looking so nice and it's still early!

Babka, you have a stunning and very special RM! I love the look of yours. You stay healthy! Sending lots of positive vibes and hugs your way :-).

Lavendargrrl, there are too many of us affected by this disease, whether it's a family member or ourselves. Kudos for participating in the AWfBC!

Almost hooked, I DO have a Cameo! Great idea to keep them together, thanks. It has dwindled in size this year (potted) but if I have to, I will replace it. Cameo is actually quite a beautiful mini. Last year it had at least four distinct colours on it.

Mocc, you just have to have one! :-)

Coll, no! That is sooo sad! It was such a beauty! Bad old winter! Thank goodness you have another. That picture is so pretty.

Thanks again for dropping in! I really enjoyed hearing from you. This hosta has many names attached to it now that I will remember each time I stop to admire it. You've made it even more special than it already is. :-). Bless you all!


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