Where to Buy Large Plants

4SEASONca(Western NC 6)April 25, 2014

I'd like to purchase several large hydrangea plants. Does anyone know of a nursery where I can purchase large (meaning 2-4 ft.). Are there any nurseries in Tennessee (McMinnville?) that might have such? I live in Western North Carolina.

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I seen a place online its called http://www.brighterblooms.com/category/hydrangea-shrubs/ they have 1 gallon and 3 gallon pots for sale. I hope this helps you

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Large plants are from onsite retail garden centers/nurseries, not via mail order (or if they are, the shipping costs are prohibitive). Call around to various nurseries in your area and see what they have. I've also seen some rather decent sized plants (not huge) at places like HD and Lowe's

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