Best soil for Fuchsia?

dave_k_gwOctober 2, 2012

My Fuchsia Gartenmeister Bonstedt grew very slowly this year.

Both are still small. I'm wondering what's the best soil for this Fuchsia? I wonder too, if Gartenmeister can take more sun once acclimated. One was in the shade of a tree, the other in full sun about four hours a day.

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Yes, Gartenmeister can tolerate quite a lot of sun - much more so than popular hanging basket fuchsia types. In my climate, it can do full sun as we are so far north and even summer sun is of lower intensity. In other areas, I might opt for a part sun/part shade situation with the sun concentrated in the early hours of the day rather than the hot afternoon.

Since Gartenmeister is not the slightest bit cold hardy in your zone (and only marginally so in mine), most folks grow it as an annual. It can be overwintered indoors as you can with other fuchsias, in which case you just need a good quality potting soil for the container. If you grow in the ground during the summer months, any decent well draining garden soil is appropriate.

Like most other seasonal plants or annuals, they would appreciate periodic fertilization and regular watering during the growing season. To overwinter indoors, cut back to 4-6", stop any fertilization and keep soil just barely moist to the touch. The dormant plant should be kept in a cool environment but above freezing.

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