Humming Birds and Hawks

bdriver71(z6pa)October 8, 2009

My Hummers left 2 weeks ago. Best year ever. Feed everything here. Squirrels, rabbits, chimpmunks, etc. and so many birds. Noticed last week my bird feeders were only half empty after 3 days. Usually have to fill them twice a day. Bunnies I had to brake for every morning in our driveway aren't there. The usual 5-6 squirrels always at the feeder, aren't there. Haven't seen my Blue Jays, Cardinals, Doves, Wood Peckers, etc. either. What I did see was a Cooper Hawk. I saw him in our back yard. He had something so big he could barely lift off, but couldn't see what he had. Will he go after my hummers when they return? How do I get him to leave? He is wiping out all the critters that have existed so happily together for so many years. HELP!

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I used to live in an apt in the middle of Austin and had a Cooper's Hawk land on my balcony from time to time trying to catch one of the many house finches at my feeder. He never showed any interest in my hummingbirds. Coop's do prey on other birds however, in my opinion, I would think a Coop trying to catch a hummingbird would be like a C130 trying to catch a F-18. :)

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It is probably a fact that a Cooper's Hawk will not try to meal a Hummingbird--they are just too small. Cooper's like to feed on birds that are much larger.

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I have never heard of a hawk catching a hummer. Hummers are just too fast and aerobatic. Hummers rarely touch when chasing each other.
The hawks here prefer white wing doves. Your rabbits are probably in trouble.

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I was hoping that's the way it would be. Nice comparison!
Now that you mention finches, my gold finches haven't been
on their feeder either. Their feeder is very exposed to
where the hawk perches. Guess I need to hide that feeder
under a tree too. I was hoping the smaller birds wouldn't
be worth going after for them. Great, the snakes and mice
I could live without are still thriving while this guy is wiping
out my favorite critters. Thanks for your help. I so hope you are right.

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Vicki and Rob, glad to hear hummers are not on their menu.Oh yes, the rabbits and doves are hard to protect. The doves just don't seem too smart and the rabbits prefer to be in the front yard. All grass with few places to hide. I read that they fly South for the winter. I hope they do and forget how to get back here!

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I agreed.Hummingbird are too small for a Cooper's Hawk meal.

Here is a link that might be useful: homemade hummingbird nectar

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