Spectracide Immunox 3 in 1

kgibbs25April 24, 2014

I just planted new hydrangea bushes, big leaf and noticed that some of the leaves were being eaten by a bug, so I sprayed with Spectracide Immunox 3 in 1 EARLY this morning and now the leaves are all drooping. What could be the problem? I am so scared that I killed the plant, when all I was trying to do was help it. :( Any suggestions? It is receives morning sun and afternoon shade

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I watered the bushes and they are back in business - thank goodness!

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

All right! That sounds like a "whew" to me, kgd25. :o)

Immunox is a fungicide so it should not affect bugs... Unless it is a "version" that also adds an insecticide.

If you have never used it before for this purpose, try a small "hidden" area first. Insecticides can make some leaves react by curling so check the label for warnings. Check also for warnings that say not to apply when the temperatures are above certain limits.

Make sure that the shrubs are getting morning sun and afternoon shade. That is a must in Zone 10. If a finger inserted into the soil to a depth of 4" feels dry or almost dry, apply 1 gallon of water per watering to the soil (not the plant) early in the mornings. In the summer, you may need to retest using the finger method more often; compensate by watering more or slightly more often but only when the soil feels dry or almost dry to 4" of depth. Maintain it mulched with 3-4" of organic mulch up to the drip line so you do not have to water often.

Drooping is very common on newly planted hydrangeas but once established in the garden, they should not droop as much. It is caused by the plant loosing moisture through the leaves faster than the roots can absorb from the soil.

Windy days could also cause this for example but it is more common during the summer months. Water well and deep instead of often/lightly but expect this during the first few years and during the summer (or on windy days). If the area is windy and causes a lot of drooping, consider transplanting to a more protected location or consider adding something to block the winds.

If the weather forecast calls for windy days, I provide water the night before or in the morning when the wind advisory takes place.


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Thank you so much for the in depth feedback, luis_pr. I was freaking out and thought that i had killed my beautiful plants. That is what I read yesterday is watering them at the base is the best for hydrangeas when they are first planted into a garden. My husband says that I am going to have a heart attack by the end of the summer with all the stress that my garden is giving me - LOL! I am new to this gardening thing, but totally LOVE it!! Thanks again for the feedback!

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Here's the other approach......with almost NO exceptions, bugs munching a few holes in plant leaves is of no concern to the plant. It is cosmetic only. Leave 'em be or if you must, pick off any insects by hand or spray the plant down with water before you resort to any pesticides. Any pesticides tend to be rather broad spectrum solutions that harm good bugs as well as bad bugs. And good bugs outnumber bad bugs by a significant margin :-))

Also many pesticides sprayed on foliage in sunlight during daylight hours can cause phytotoxic reactions with the foliage, causing wilting, burning or other damage.

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