Transplanting Hydrangea

jude1234April 25, 2012

To make room for a deck we are building my husband dug up my hydrangeas (2 large plants) and transplanted them without consulting me or google. The plants which had beautiful green leaves now have dead leaves. Should I leave the plants alone or prune them? Any suggestions. Thanks

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It is hard to tell. It depends on how much of the root ball moved to the new location. The more one moves, the less transplant shock there is.

There are times when giving it a crew cut would help and that is when many of the roots were cut and the fibruous ones that absorb water cannot supply as much water as the plant above the ground needs.

I would monitor the shrub, especially the soil moisture, and prune if you notice a lot of the leaves suffering. Forget about bloomage this year. Maintain 3-4" of mulch to help and do not fertilize until next year as the shrub will be stressed now and again sometimes during the worst of the summer months.

I know how you feel. I had a crew come work on the roof and they moved some azaleas and a lilac without telling me. Both died. Why is it that people do not even think of using a darn telephone to check if their plan is ok???


PS - I assumed that the new location for the plants is adequate.... morning sun/afternoon shade or dappled sun; soil drains well; not too windy; etc

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Thanks Luis
The new location is exactly the same sun/shade/soil mix that plants had before the transplant. I think a "crew cut" might help the plants because all of the leaves are dead. I will increase the mulch to 3-4" and hope they come back next year.

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