Did anybody lose Rainforest Sunrise this winter?

vivian_2010May 3, 2014

I had 3 (decent size) last year and only one survived. All were planted in the ground, same location as other hostas. This is the only hosta that does not survive our winter this year.

How is your Rainforest Sunrise doing?

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Interesting, I just commented on "Hostas kicked to the curb" thread, that I threw mine out. It wasn't very tolerant of conditions. It threw out new leaves (which it needed because of spring desication), but then the new leaves wold suffer some setback. Its beautiful in some peoples photos but not the best IMHO.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Strange. Some hostas are just touchy, but I have never thought of Rainforest Sunrise as one of them. Did you happen to dig around and see what was happening under ground? Was the crown mushy? Any roots? etc.

Today I divided mine. It was crowded in a 3 gal pot so I made a couple 1 gal ones. A few weeks ago I cut off an all green sport and that is when I noticed that it was getting pot bound.


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tepelus z6a SW MI

When I first got mine it did great, it liked where I had planted it and got really pretty. Then I had to move it not once not twice but thrice. It definitely did not like having to be moved all the time and by last spring it was looking pretty sad. I thought for sure I wouldn't see it come back up this year, but I did my rounds today to see what all was up and RS has at least two pips coming up. It was tiny and pathetic last year so it'll be interesting to see if it improved in its new and hopefully more stable home.


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Thank you all for the info. Last year they were doing well and I like the color and texture and somehow slugs did not touch them. I will be patient for a few more days to see if something comes up now that we have a couple of warm days. If nothing shows up, I will try to investigate of there are tree roots problems as Babka suggested.

Thanks again

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Babka NorCal 9b

Not just tree roots...out here we get wireworm larva that eat into the crowns. I don't know if you have anything like that, but it isn't always trees or voles. You need to excavate and see whatchu got undreground.


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bragu_DSM 5

it is the evil twin of great expectations!

A lovely plant that thrives .. until winter. I lost several myself and had one that made it. Of course, it was a tough winter ...


PS . now don't get me wrong, RS has a lot of great things going for it. It is lovely and looks great in the garden.

Its just that I've had probs with it overwintering.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Bragu- I must disagree here. GE is my nemesis. I grow it as a biennial. Rainforest Sunrise has been with me since 2008. YMMV.


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Gesila(MI Z5)

Are all of your hostas showing pips already? At a minimum, 40% of my hostas are still sleeping or barely peeking out of the ground right now here in Western Michigan (Zone 5B).

My Rainforest Sunrise is barely a half an inch out of the ground right now. I did loose Tropical Storm after it's first year though.


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As of today, thank goodness, 100% of my hostas are up. I was worried (see my other post) about Gypsy Rose, but it pipped today. My Rainforest Sunrise pipped about a week ago and is showing some sturdy-looking pips sticking up. Remember Me is banana yellow and bright green, just as gorgeous as can be now, about 4" up out of the ground.

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My RS is just a baby, obtained last Sept. But it did make it through the winter. This was a week or so ago and already is much larger. Must have found the right spot. It's mostly shaded, and perhaps getting some protection from our hot tub which is about 5 feet away.

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I had to smile about the phase "evil twins". I had no issues with Great Expectations. I have 2 (rescued from the nursery at the end of season as babies) and they have grown well for the last 3 years, every year the eye count increases and the texture and leaf shape and color are absolutely the best (in my opinion).

RS on the other hand seems to be less reliable for me. I actually lost one 2 years ago so I got more last year. I will wait for a few more days. All of my hostas have pipped out except 2 on the north side of house (El Nino and First Frost). I am hopeful at least one of the RS will survive.

Babka, I will check for other damages if I can locate the roots. Thanks for the info.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

My Rainforest Sunrise is doing quite well. It is another late riser,which spared it from the freeze. Never had any trouble with it in the past;very cupped in my garden,and not directly under a tree.so.it doesn't collect debris. Phil

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Update for Rainforest Sunrise: My 2nd one did come back, with a few pips just emerging last week, ~ 4 weeks behind the 1st one (receive a little more sun light). I am quite happy now that they both survived the harsh winter.


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Sorry I missed the 3rd one (you see I really like this hosta). It also showed up ~ 2 weeks ago. So now all 3 of my Rainforest Sunrise survived.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I lost my new RF over the winter as well. It was a bagged hosta obtained through a nursery, had very healthy root system, also had a second flush of leaves last year. It just rotted during the winter, poor thing. I'll try another though as it is a HOTY. :-)

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